The Landlord Portal allows landlords to view HAP registers by resident, status of inspections and re-inspections, and upcoming re-certifications. It also allows prospective landlords the ability to enter in their properties as potential units for rent. Applicants who are voucher holders can then search the system by geographic area to look for units they might be interested in.

  • Allows landlord to see families housed in their units along with HAP check amounts, move-in/move-out dates, re-exam dates

  • Allows landlord to view upcoming inspections, past inspections, and inspection results

  • Displays HAP check details and allows landlord to print or download those details

  • Shows types and reasons for abatements and holds

  • Landlord can view announcements the HA has made

  • Create requests such as change of business name, change tax ID, or reschedule an inspection

  • Allows landlord to see their HCV units along with vacancy/occupancy information

  • Allows landlord to print their 1099-MISC at yearend